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Four-month drought is over! New Android release is here (2021.1-beta1)


While you’ve been waiting, we’ve been busy! Read about the latest Mullvad VPN app release for Android, which includes support for custom (local) DNS servers, Burmese translation and more.

What’s new

Support for custom, local DNS servers

We just released this much-requested feature to our desktop app, and now it’s here on Android too! Currently, the setting only works for local DNS servers.

You can find it under Advanced settings > Use custom DNS server, and you will also need to enable Local network sharing.

We speak မြန်မာဘာသာ

Not quite, but the Android version is now translated and available in the Burmese language.

View app logs

In the problem report form, we’ve added a “View app logs” button which allows you to (you guessed it) view your app’s anonymized log files.

Quicker access to FAQs and guides

Want to know how a particular app setting works or have a question? Go into Settings and tap on FAQs and Guides; you’ll be redirected to the Help section of our website.

Smarter split tunneling screen

The list of apps in the split tunneling screen is now considerably shorter and more relevant. Only apps that have Internet permission and can be launched are shown.

Minor but mentionable

  • WireGuard® keys are now rotated every four days instead of seven.
  • The app will only download a new server list if it has been modified.
  • We made a few changes to improve the experience of using the app on Android TVs.
  • In the login field, the app now locally remembers just one account number instead of three. We might remove this feature altogether; let us know what you think.
  • We applied various fixes to improve the app’s design and made the user experience less buggy.

Download the app

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We've got an Android set-up guide if you need help with installation and usage.

We appreciate all feedback and problem reports that come in, so keep them coming! Knowing what you experience helps us to more quickly identify issues and gets us one step closer to that first stable release. Send your feedback to support@mullvad.net. And thank you in advance!

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