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Bring on 2021 - we’re ready!


But first, our annual retrospective! In 2020, we launched our app on iOS (now on every major platform), made our first video, advertised on trams, and investigated a couple of laws.

You are our keystone

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to invest in our teams (they’ve all grown this year!) which has enabled us to reach new heights in the name of privacy. Whether you’ve been with us since 2009 or just recently found us, your support and feedback are so crucial and valuable. Thank you for this year, and yes, you can expect more from us in 2021!

App, app, and away

Built on minimal amount of code (WireGuard®) and after months of testing and years of development, we launched our app to the last major platform: iOS. Since April, we’ve been available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, all crafted with three ambitions:

  1. It’s easy to use, from installation to usage.
  2. It’s privacy focused, from crucial features to our No-logging of user activity policy.
  3. It’s hopefully trustworthy, from external audits (by Cure53 in June) to open source code.

New features 2020

While there were many, here are a few gold nuggets:

  • Split tunneling launches on Android and Linux (soon on Windows).
  • WireGuard becomes default for Linux, macOS, and iOS.
  • We automate WireGuard key rotation.
  • Create a new account and redeem vouchers directly in the app.
  • The app becomes compatible with TVs (using Android version).

From our Privacy Diaries

We shared a few pages with you:

The traditional way isn’t dead!

This summer we advertised on the trams and buses in our hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. The outcome, you might ask? Job applications increased by several percentage points, local companies reached out wanting to collaborate with us, and we got our brand out there without pushing too hard. As they say: if you are seen, you exist (this link leads to LinkedIn).

It’s like a lottery ticket…

But with our scratch cards, your privacy wins! (#stayanonymous) They became available at two Swedish brick-and-mortar stores: Inet and Webhallen.

Digital stalking

Try something new, they said! Film would be fun, they said! We nodded enthusiastically and really enjoyed making this video (this link leads to YouTube).

Supporting the community

Reclaiming Privacy is impossible without our community. Totally impossible. This year we donated money and resources to a few causes:

  • Qubes
  • The Tor Project
  • WireGuard
  • RustFest.

Digging the digits

  • Our server count has grown from 511 to 764.
  • WireGuard servers more than doubled, from 150 to 382.
  • Bridge servers increased from 24 to 38.
  • New languages appeared in the app  Polish, Korean, and Thai.
  • Team Mullvad grew with six privacy-concerned individuals, and we have expanded our office!

Bring on 2021 — we’re ready!

We are pumped for some projects to take flight in the New Year (rubs hands together excitedly). We’ve also been upgrading our merchandise and prepping for any happenings where we might get to meet you. Until then, don’t forget to tamperproof your computer and make the switch from a passworder to a passphraser.

For the universal right to privacy,
Team Mullvad

"WireGuard" is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.