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Bring Mullvad VPN to your TV with new Android release (2020.8-beta1)


Bring Mullvad VPN to your TV with new Android release (2020.8-beta1)

What’s new

Forget your account number

On the login screen’s drop-down list of remembered account numbers, we’ve added a delete icon to the right of each number. Click on the icon to remove the account and its corresponding WireGuard key from history (not all of history, just on your device).

Goodbye, quit button

Most Android apps don’t have a quit button, and ours was causing issues for some, so we removed it.

If you want to fully quit the app (including background services), first disconnect the app and make sure it isn’t visible on your screen, then swipe away the Mullvad notification in your device’s notification bar.

Use on your TV

The Android app is now compatible with TVs! The app is now displayed upright rather than sideways. In addition, you can use the arrow keys on your TV remote to navigate in the app.

Things we fixed

  • We fixed an issue where split tunneling was not being correctly configured after restarting the app.
  • We marked the VPN connection as not metered so that Android relies solely on the underlying network’s settings for how to handle data usage.
  • We hunted down and resolved a large assortment of exotic problems and edge-case bugs.

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We've got an Android set-up guide if you need help with installation and usage.

We appreciate all feedback and problem reports that come in, so keep them coming! Knowing what you experience helps us to more quickly identify issues and gets us one step closer to that first stable release.