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Introducing Mullvad Leta: a search engine used in the Mullvad Browser

Features Privacy 

Online privacy isn't just about a VPN. That’s why we have developed the Mullvad Browser.
Observant users may have noticed that our browser comes with the DuckDuckGo search engine by default, but also an alternative: Mullvad Leta.

Mullvad Leta is accessible only with a paid Mullvad VPN account; you can set it as default in the Mullvad Browser, or reach it at leta.mullvad.net

Mullvad Leta uses the Google Search API as a proxy, caching each search. These cached results are shared amongst all users, reducing costs and improving privacy. This service is user-supported and doesn't rely on ads or data selling.

Our browser extension simplifies access. Once your account number is set in the settings, there's no need to log in each time. To protect against correlation attacks and manage costs, searches are cached for 30 days, possibly resulting in slightly outdated results.

Each account can make 100 direct searches daily, with unlimited cached searches. Viewing subsequent search result pages counts towards your daily limit. Non-cached searches prompt a Google query from Mullvad Leta, sharing only the search term and keeping the rest of your data private.

The search results are free from third-party tracking links, providing a clean, private browsing experience.

Mullvad Leta has been audited by Assured