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A new, appeeling Tor onion address

Privacy tips 

Our web address on the uncensored Tor network has changed. There’s no need to cry; just update your bookmark.

To reach mullvad.net on the Tor browser, use this URL: o54hon2e2vj6c7m3aqqu6uyece65by3vgoxxhlqlsvkmacw6a7m7kiad.onion

You can always find it in the footer on our website.

This change came about because we’ve upgraded our onion server to version 3 of the hidden service protocol.

Shallots against censorship

We launched our onion service in 2018 so that people experiencing censorship can access our website and tools. The Tor Project, with its onion routing network, is crucial for providing a private and uncensored web to all.

As a Vidalia onion in the Tor Project’s Membership Program, we encourage others who believe in their mission or use their service to support the nonprofit’s development.