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For your and everyone’s right to privacy.

Who we are

Our reason for being

Privacy is fundamental to a well-functioning society, because it allows norms, ethics, and laws to be safely discussed and challenged. Its absence leads to a repressed and withering public discourse, which only serves the malevolent. A free and open society, therefore, cannot flourish and develop – nor exist – without privacy. That is why privacy is paramount, and why we strive to make internet censorship and mass surveillance ineffective.

Mullvad VPN was founded in 2009 purely with the ambition of upholding the universal right to privacy – for you, for us, for everyone.

Since our humble beginning, our VPN service has helped to keep users' online activity, identity, and location private. Over the years, we've been blazing a trail forward to provide the most secure and anonymous VPN out there for everyone. To keep on doing that we need your help!

Current opportunities

Don’t see what you were hoping for?

Send a spontaneously written email, with CV attached, to along with your thoughts on privacyand internet security. Foremost, tell us what you would like to develop in order to secure everyone’s right to privacy.

Working with us

Flexibility and freedom

We love what we do, but we also believe in a good work/life harmony. We therefore offer flexibility in when and where you work, and for how long. For us, time cards are a thing of the past.

Wellness and development

We allocate €500 annually in allowances toward wellness-related activities. You’re also given opportunities for attending various national and international conferences (digital only for now) for professional development.

Diversity and unity

We are a bunch of diversified peeps: from vegans to Marathon runners, sport nerds to computer nerds. So what unites us? Our commitment to living and breathing our security policy, with an emphasis on a no-blame culture.

Android developer

The job

You will be part of the app development team (we’re seven today). Even though your primary focus will likely be on bringing new features to Android, you will have the opportunity to learn new technology and work with the app on other platforms as well if you’d like. So there is opportunity to learn/work with Rust, iOS, TypeScript and more. The team work with open source software only. The entire app we are creating, and want your help to develop further, is available on github.


You love to discuss how we could collect and store less, and rather delete more data and you value quality over quantity. Always. You also have a curious mind for systems with a heavy focus on security and privacy. Right?

Our four wishes

  • The UI and the base of the Android app is written in Kotlin, and this is where we hope and expect you to be able to contribute.
  • You should be familiar with creating Android UIs and handling the app life cyclein general.
  • However, the backend of the app, creating the actual VPN tunnel and keeping the device secure is written in Rust. This Rust backend is the same code base that runs on desktop. We do not expect you to know any Rust, but it is a plus if you’re interested in learning. If you know how to interact with other languages (FFI/jni) from Kotlin/Java that is a plus.
  • The team consists of people from various countries and backgrounds. So, you are expected to have good communication skills in English.


  • START: Right away
  • LOCATION: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • JOB HOURS: Full-time
  • CONTACT: (for questions regarding the position, not applications)

Detechtiv is responsible for your personal data and this recruitment process.

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Infrastructure engineer

The job

The Infrastructure team is looking to grow to 5 members in order to expedite, iterate upon and improve the delivery, continuous integration and scaling of our services. Within our team you will collaborate with the Services, App, Operations and Support teams to ensure that our services are functioning optimally.

The next projects in our pipeline are to do with adding a more thorough testing and implementation CI/CD model for our Ansible configuration management set up. This is with the hope that we can improve our current deployments and work more towards our trustworthy computing platform with System Transparency.


  • Extensive experience and knowledge working with, implementing and maintaining CI/CD tools and pipelines. Plus points if you have managed the servers yourself.
  • Knowledge and experience in Ansible (or similar SCM tools: Salt, Chef, Puppet, etc) for Linux server configuration management. (we run Ubuntu)
  • Comfortable working with Bash and/or Python scripts.
  • Experience with Docker and container orchestration technologies.


  • A flair for programming or a keen interest in learning more about Golang or Rust.
  • Familiarity with using Qubes OS.
  • A history of working with bare metal infrastructure.
  • An interest in dabbling with tools and concepts related to network booting. (perhaps you have already read about System Transparency?)


  • START: Right away
  • LOCATION: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • JOB HOURS: Full-time
  • CONTACT: (for questions regarding the position, not applications)

Detechtiv is responsible for your personal data and this recruitment process.

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