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Lost Account

We provide you with a number of ways, from simple to more complicated, to retrieve your account number.

Please note that if you contact us to help you resolve a lost account number, you will end up disclosing information about yourself to us ( at a bare minimum, an email address). At anytime, though, you can create a new account and pay to it if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Look in the Mullvad client

In the Mullvad client, you can find your account number under the Settings tab.

Search for files on your computer

Version 64 and newer:
MacOS:  ~/Library/Application Support/mullvad/user-pass.txt
Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\mullvad\mullvad\user-pass.txt
Linux: ~/.config/mullvad/user-pass.txt

Version 63 and older:
Then you can search for any logfiles or SSL certificates on your computer that contain your account number:

  • An SSL certificate file has the filename of "123123123123.key", where "123123123123" is the account number.
  • In a logfile, search for ".key" to find the same string, "123123123123.key", where "123123123123" is the account number.

Below we've listed where you can find these files based on your operating system. A "~" represents your home directory; replace "USERNAME" with your device's username.)

Windows: "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\mullvad\mullvad\ssl\" and "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\mullvad\mullvad\logs\"
You can open a command prompt and issue "cd C:\" followed by "dir /s *.key" and then it should list the ones that it finds.

MacOS: ~/Library/Logs/mullvad/ and ~/Library/Application Support/mullvad/ssl/
You can open a terminal and issue "find / -name *.key" and then look for mullvad.

Linux:  ~/.cache/mullvad/log/ and ~/.config/mullvad/ssl/
You can open a terminal and issue "find / -name *.key" and then look for mullvad.

Android: Click on the Edit icon next to your Mullvad profile. Look for "Client Certificate" under the "Basic" tab. The number in the text string "CN=Mullvad############" is your account number.

Follow the money

Depending on how you have made your payment, there are a number of ways to find your account number.

Paypal payments
If you have paid with Paypal, then your account number is in the welcome email that you should have received from us at some point. When looking for the email, be sure to check the inbox (and spam folder) of the email address you used to register on Paypal with.

If you can't find the email, send an email to containing the transaction ID or receipt ID of your payment, and we will be able to retrieve your account. If you have neither of those, send us an email from the address you registered with Paypal.

Credit card
Please email with the last four digits of your credit or debit card, the expiry date (Month/Year) and the date and time (and corresponding time zone) at which you made the payment.

Bitcoin payments
Please send a message signed with the same Bitcoin address that you made the payment to us with. Also include the random_message that you selected. The signed message will be a long string ending in "=" (equals sign). Please do not send us your private Bitcoin key.

If you have gone through a mixer or several then this will not work. Please use and enter the bitcoin address that received the payment to find out which bitcoin address it received from.  You can also verify the signed message here.

How to sign messages in a few wallets:

  • Blockchain
  1. Navigate to Receive Money > Addresses (active) > Actions > Sign message.
  2. Then use Message: random_message.
  3. Be sure to select the same bitcoin address that you made the payment from.
  • Electrum
  1. In the list, select the address from which you made the payment.
  2. Right-click and choose "Sign/Verify Message".
  3. Enter random_message as message, then click "Sign".
  • Coinbase
  1. When logged in, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of your Coinbase account.
  2. Click on the "Advanced" link found under the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the "Details" button next to the address you would like to sign a message with.
  4. From the Details page of the address, select the "sign a message" link.
  5. Enter random_message in the "Enter Message" box. You will see your address signature that will be used to sign the message.
  6. Click the "Sign Message" button.
  7. Provide Mullvad's message and signature in order for us to verify that you do indeed own the address. The signature generated is unique to your address and the message you provide.

Cash payments
This is time sensitive, since we shred the envelopes after a little while, but if you could tell us the date of the envelope, the location it was sent from, and the value that it contained, this will help us in finding it.

Bank transaction
Provide us with the date and amount of the transaction, as well as the bank it was sent from or your name.

About the account number
An account number identifies an individual's Mullvad account. It is used to make payments and to enable the Mullvad client to connect.