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Installing Mullvad client in Windows

Here is the guide how to install the Mullvad client in Windows.

Please keep in mind that Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported.


Step #1 - Click on Download client from our website.


Step #2 Click on Download Mullvad client.


Step #3 Click on Save File to save it to your computer.


Step #4 Click on the downloaded file.


Step #5 - Click on Yes when the UAC requester pops up.


Step #6 Click on Install


Step #7 Click on Install for the Windows TAP driver.


Step #8 Click on Next.


Step #9 Click on Finish to close the installer and to run Mullvad client.


Step #10 Enter your account number.



Step #11 When connected it will show the welcome screen, you can then click on Close to remove that window.




If you are not getting the performance that you were expecting, then please read our speedguide.
Windows 7 users can get quite a significant performance increase when installing the older TAP driver!


If you are having problems with the Windows TAP driver failing to install then

  1. Download the Standalone TAP driver available here:
  2. Boot into Windows Safe mode and disable any antivirus / firewall software and install the TAP driver you downloaded from step 1
  3. Reboot and verify if it works or not.
  4. If it still does not work, then please click on "Start" -> "All programs" -> "TAP-Windows" -> Utilites -> Add a new TAP-Windows virtual ethernet adapter, and after that reboot and then restart the client.