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Installing Mullvad client on Mac

Installing the Mullvad client on Mac (OSX)



Open and then click on Download Client .


Click on Download Mullvad client or on Mac to download the latest version.


Save it to your computer.


Double-click the Mullvad installer, which you just downloaded.


Drag the application icon to the Applications folder, after you have done that you can then run the client.

Press F4 to bring up Launchpad view, then search for Mullvad and run it.


The first time you run an installed application, you will see a warning,  Click on Open to agree to run it.


To be able to run certain commands, you must enter the username and password of an administrator to verify that you are a user with administrator privileges.


Enter your account number and then click on Connect


First time you connect it will show the welcome screen, you can then click on close to close the welcome screen.