WireGuard servers running from RAM


Last updated: 25 July 2022

This guide explains how to use our WireGuard servers that run entirely from RAM. The following WireGuard servers have no disks in use, and are booted with our own STBoot bootloader.

You can read about the motivation for these server types here: https://mullvad.net/blog/tag/system-transparency/

The following servers run entirely from RAM, to connect to them, select the individual server from within our app (desktop or mobile). These servers are currently not included in our configuration file generator:

  • beta-got-1 31173 System Transparency  (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • beta-sto-1 31173 System Transparency  (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • ch-zrh-wg-501 M247 Zurich Switzerland
  • de-fra-wg-101 M247 Frankfurt Germany
  • gb-lon-wg-101 M247 London UK
  • gb-mnc-wg-001 M247 Manchester UK
  • hk-hkg-wg-201 xtom Hong Kong
  • jp-tyo-wg-001 DataPacket Tokyo Japan
  • us-dal-wg-401 DataPacket Dallas, TX, USA
  • us-lax-wg-001 M247 Los Angeles, CA, USA