How do I force the Mullvad VPN app to use TCP protocol? #

Open the app's Settings, then click on Advanced. Here you can specify TCP.

After starting the Mullvad VPN app, I can't access local shares or services. What do I do? #

Open the app's Settings, then click on Preferences and turn on Local Network Sharing.

Do I get a shared or dedicated IP address? #


Do you support port forwarding? #

Yes, inbound port numbers can be seen and managed when you are logged in to our website with your account number. Port forward guide

I can't send email! What do I do? #

Because of spam we block TCP port 25. Set your email program to send using SSL/TLS on port 465.

Which country will the IP address that I get be located in? #

The Mullvad app allows you to choose. Check out our full list of VPN servers and locations.

Do you limit speed/bandwidth or data volume? #


Can I configure the VPN myself or do I have to use your software? #

We provide OpenVPN and WireGuard configuration files for any device that supports them.

How do you handle IPv6? #

IPv6 is off by default when using the Mullvad VPN app, however you can enable IPv6 by going to the settings and then Advanced, and then toggling the Enable IPv6 option.

Are you blocking any ports? #

Yes, because of spam we block port 25. Because of a Microsoft security issue, we also block ports 137, 138, 139, and 445. We reserve the right to block any port or IP address in order to protect ourselves, our customers, and the quality of our service.

Running Mullvad in a virtual machine drops the connection quite often. How do I fix that? #

Please make sure that your guest VM is using static IP addresses.

Which ports should I open in my firewall for OpenVPN ? #

TCP: 80, 443, 1401
UDP: 53, 1194, 1195, 1196, 1197, 1300, 1301, 1302, 1303, 1400
(Ports 1400 UDP and 1401 TCP do not have DNS hijacking enabled, which might work better for pfSense users)

Why can't I connect to some servers, when using a Mobile device or a router ? #

Try using a region with fewer server entries, for instance Sweden - Stockholm instead of Sweden or USA - New York instead of USA.

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