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Mullvad merch available

30 June 2017  NEWS

Many customers have inquired about Mullvad merchandise. Now's your chance! We have approximately 200 t-shirts and 8,000 stickers in stock. Snag some privacy swag by following the information below.

Mullvad t-shirts and stickers


Stickers are free. Send an email to with "STICKERS" in the subject line. Include a postal address in the email and we'll send an assortment of stickers your way.


T-shirts are available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The price per t-shirt is based upon where you live and covers shipping:

Send us an envelope with cash payment, your requested t-shirt size (and quantity per size if you order multiple), and the address of where you'd like your package sent. Our address:

Amagicom AB
Box 53049
40014 Gothenburg

If we run out of stock, we will order more and process your order ASAP!